Classical MKII

An Antonio De Torres inspired design from the 1850's. All of the wood is Master Quality. A Western Red Cedar soundboard. Indian Rosewood back and sides. The D shaped neck is built into the body and is quarter sawn Spanish Cedar with a nut width of 50mm and an ebony fingerboard. A scale length of 664mm (25.34”) and 21 frets. The Ebony bridge is a traditional style. Indian Rosewood headplate, rippled Maple bindings with herringbone purfling. The rosette has a traditional pattern of dyed wood. Only unbleached Bone nuts are used for superior sound quality. The fingerboard radius is 16”. The soundboard has tuned quarter sawn sitka spruce fan brace struts in sympathy with A at 440Hz. Bowed back and front with a 40ft front radius and a 15ft back radius. The guitar is unfinished at the moment.

  • Date: April 2014

This guitar is still under construction and hasn't hasn't had it's final finish yet which will really bring out the colours and figuring in the wood.