Tranquillo Giannini Restoration

This guitar belonged to a local jazz guitarist called John (Jack) McKechnie 1918 ~ 2002. He played in a jazz band called the Headley Ward Trio. They were well known in the 1950's and appeared on all 50 of the Calling All Forces radio show.
I have repaired a split in the side of the guitar. The side walls are so thin that the only option was to patch the inside. I preformed a Rosewood veneer which was then adhered to the inside of the guitar using animal glue which dries hard and will mineralise becoming a good transporter of sound.
The finish was lacquered and was hiding the beauty of the wood. It has now been French Polished.
In 1890 Tranquillo Giannini left Italy and migrated to San Paulo, Brazil where he began manufacturing guitars. Popular among the "bossa-nova" players. Supposedly, Jose Feliciano used Giannani classical guitars.

  • Date: January 2014

A brochure from that time says, "The finest exotic woods, Jacaranda-Brazilian rosewood, Cedro Brazilian Mahogany and imported close grained spruce are used in the superbly crafted Giannini guitars."